Cocina 10 | Downtown Phoenix | Mexican, Southwestern | Restaurant
Charles Barth

Cocina 10

You may not know this downtown restaurant by name, but if you're into music, you've likely eaten here. Cocina 10 is the kitchen at Crescent Ballroom, which brings in a power-lunch and music-fan crowd expecting something a notch or two above bar food. Owner Charlie Levy is also behind Valley Bar and The Van Buren, but he says of anything he's ever done, he's most proud of the food at Crescent. The menu was crafted by Pizzeria Bianco's Chris Bianco, as well as Doug Robson of Otro Café and Gallo Blanco. The concept was meant to appeal, in part, to bands rolling in off Interstate 10. Maybe they're performing at the Crescent, or maybe they're just stopping in for a bite before getting back on the road to L.A. or Tucson. Either way, the kitchen has options like Sonoran dogs, tacos, nachos, and burritos wrapped in foil and marked with their own special stickers bearing images like Mr. Bean and Morrissey. Hopefully, there's a show that night on the Crescent main stage, but even if not, the lounge, patio, and balcony are always open, free, and serving food till midnight.