Skin Cabaret

1137 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
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  • Daily 11am-2am
There’s a certain amount throwback class and gentility to a night out at Skin Cabaret. A dapper doorman was lightning quick with a Zippo lighter for smoker outside of this south Scottsdale club. The dancers, some sporting Betty Page’s signature black bangs, are required to wear pasties. (It’s thanks to a rather archaic-minded law that prevents fully topless entertainment passed back in 2007 and championed by onetime Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross in an attempt to get strip parlors to vacate the city.) Plus, the bartenders gave out old school pours with some real moxie, which made the two-drink minimum easier to swallow. Thankfully, the actual adult entertainment taking place on the platforms at Skin isn’t some tease act out of the Don Draper era. As longtime resident DJ Dave Wave spins up music videos for the latest Top 40 and rock hits play on two video screen, dancers do some uninhibited with their almost nearly naked…um, endowments that would probably make your granpappy’s face go bright beet red.

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