Lauren Saria

Sumo Maya Mexican-Asian Kitchen

Executive chef Matt Zdeb’s unusual and tasty fare, finessed by Chef Lorenzo Lopez and sushi chef Andy Hisao Suzuki, is all about Mexican-Asian fusion goodness. Guacamole with pumpkin seeds and cilantro is mouthwatering and creamy, with chunks of avocado and red onion and a lingering heat from togarashi spices. The bacon-wrapped Medjool dates offer a striking combination of flavors and textures. Wild mushroom tacos are robust with wood-fired champignons and poppy seed crema, folded into hearty, soft corn tortillas. And the tempura unagi roll is a real surprise; the entire roll is tempuraed. Shrimp cocktail ceviche is the perfect example of fusion done right: Its beautiful presentation in a big ceramic bowl of ice offers slender slices of avocado and sliced prawns "cooked" in a snappy, cold tomato-citrus broth and dotted with spiced popcorn. Read our review.