Another Former Cardinals Quarterback Comes Out Against Pot Prohibition in the NFL

Another Former Cardinals Quarterback Comes Out Against Pot Prohibition in the NFL
Image by eileenploh from Pixabay

You may recall that Scottsdale resident Jim McMahon opened up in March about how marijuana has done "wonders" for him, both during and after his career as a quarterback in the National Football League. He also argued that the NFL shouldn't consider the use of marijuana a violation of league rules.

"When a guy goes home at night and he can't sleep at night, why can't he just relax and have some cannabis and be able to sleep?" McMahon, who's best known for his years with the Chicago Bears but played for the Arizona Cardinals during the 1994 season, told the AP's Pro Football Podcast.

Now, another former Cardinals QB has joined the chorus of athletes advocating for eliminating prohibitions on pot use in the NFL.

“Here we are talking about football players with inflammation, the onset of arthritis, with sleep issues, with anxiety, PTSD and all this crazy stuff, and here’s this natural plant that can help with all that,” Jake Plummer recently told Cronkite News.

The NFL used to test players for THC over the course of a four-month window. That has been narrowed to just two weeks, making it considerably easier for players to pass THC drug tests.

“I think that pendulum is swinging,” Plummer said. “People are looking into plant medicine as a remedy, and it’s very encouraging what the NFL did.”

Many argue the league's anti-pot policy should be eliminated entirely, though, as it has been in the UFC
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