Payson's Untamed Herbs Dispensary Will Reopen Under New Name

Payson's Untamed Herbs Dispensary Will Reopen Under New Name

Among the winners of last week's marijuana lottery — 13 dispensaries were awarded licenses to operate in rural areas of Arizona — was a partnership group that included Ronnie Kassab, president of JARS Arizona, and two executives at Payson's Untamed Herbs Dispensary: Pam Donner and Andrew Provencio.

Untamed Herbs' dispensary in Payson closed abruptly last month after the dispensary's license was transferred to a JARS location in Phoenix. Having hit it big in the lottery, though, the partnership group is set to reopen a dispensary in Untamed Herbs location at 200 N. Tonto Street in Payson, rebranded under the JARS name.

“I am thrilled that we are going to be able to re-open the dispensary,” says Donner, who oversees the operations of the manufacturing and processing operation in Payson. “We are really happy for the community; Payson is a great town. We've been there a long time." (Donner and Provencio also own the Payson General Store and CBD Outpost, both in Payson.)

Unlike Untamed Herbs' previous license, this new rural license can't be transferred to an urban area. Kassab says in a release that the new JARS shop will be "upgraded for an enhanced customer experience" and will open as soon as construction is complete at 200 N. Tonto Street.

It'll be the fourth JARS location in Arizona. The firm also operates dispensaries in Michigan. 
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