Vape Like Journalists Do With This Item 9 Labs Limited-Edition Run

Vape Like Journalists Do With This Item 9 Labs Limited-Edition Run
Item 9 Labs

Phoenix New Times has been around for 50 years now, during which time the company has presumably had a drug policy, although nobody knows what it is or cares. Among other things, the publication has endured long enough to see marijuana become legal in Arizona, and as a sort of celebration of that fact, New Times is partnering this year with the Phoenix cannabis company Item 9 Labs on a limited-edition run of 50th-anniversary vape cartridges.

“We're doing a new flavor each quarter of 2021,” says Kyle Jennings, Item 9’s VP of marketing. “Each will have New Times packaging — it's all in conjunction with celebrating 50 years of New Times."

The first flavor, a broad-spectrum, half-gram cartridge called Watermelon Zkittlez, is out now. The other three flavors will be "surprises," Jennings says.

"Now that adult-use is here, we're trying to really get more into local partnerships and education to get more brand exposure and bust the stigma [of marijuana]," Jennings says of Item 9's approach. "New Times is a brand that I think aligns really well with that." Nice of you to say, Kyle.

Watermelon Zkittlez is available now at Botanica, Emerald, The Good, Jars, The Local Joint, The Mint, Nirvana, The Phoenix Dispensary, The Prime Leaf, Sticky Saguaro, Territory, and TruBliss.

Disclaimer: Nobody from Item 9 Labs or New Times' sales and marketing staff saw fit to send the editorial department a free cartridge, which was rude.
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David Hudnall was the editor of Phoenix New Times from 2020 to 2021.
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