Thank You for Adopting This Dog, Here Is Some Marijuana

Thank You for Adopting This Dog, Here Is Some Marijuana
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As many pet-owning marijuana consumers are well aware, dogs and doobies go together like spaghetti and meatballs, peanut butter and jelly, peaches and cream, etc.

The folks over at Territory Dispensary have leveraged this insight into Pups and Prerolls, a fundraising event that'll be held this Saturday outside Territory's Mesa location.

Basically, if you head over to 550 W. McKellips Road on Saturday, February 20, between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., you'll find several dogs available for adoption courtesy of Desert Tails Shelter.

If you take one home — puppies are $280, dogs are $120, and they're all spayed/neutered and vaccinated — Territory (via Nectar Farms) will toss in five free prerolled joints with your adoption.

This is the third such event Territory has put on in the past year.

"At our first event, we adopted out 14," says Kelly Fox of Territory. "At our second we adopted out 12, plus four that were not ready for adoption in time for the event." (Attendees saw photos and paid the fees, then picked up the pups once they were vaccinated. There'll be a similar situation this Saturday; two litters aren't ready for vaccinations yet, but photos will be provided.)

Also at Pups and Prerolls: food trucks, raffles and t-shirts for sale (revenue from which will benefit Desert Trails), and plenty of masks and social distancing.

“We’ve seen how much fun our medical patients have had at Pups and Prerolls in the past, so we can’t wait to bring this incredible event to our new recreational customers,” Fox says. “Hopefully, we’ll have the same success and find all these pups wonderful homes!”
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