What Are You Smoking? Arizona Patients Share Favorite Medical Marijuana Strains

Avery Archer
Avery Archer Courtesy of Avery Archer
In this recurring feature, Phoenix-area patients talk about their favorite types of medicinal marijuana and how they’re consuming them. We’re working on bringing you a variety of patients and their favorite kinds of cannabis, so be sure to check back here periodically for another installment.

Avery Archer, 23

Patient Consultant at the Local Joint

For years, Avery wasn’t all that choosy when it came to strains. Picking one particular favorite was, as he said, “an impossible question to answer.” But eventually, Garlic Cookies came into his life.

“This is my favorite strain right now because, in my opinion, it is the most well-rounded strain in the game when it comes to its smell, taste, and effect,” he said. “It mellows out any anxiety or stress on my mind while numbing my body in a way that doesn’t make me tired, but just extremely relaxed.”

Avery is an indica guy, preferring to take a bite out of the Cookies once the day is all wrapped up. He also finds that the strain helps him manage the lower back and knee pain he experiences as a result of his flat feet. Avery finds that the strain is calming but without the sometimes-unwanted couch-lock, which grants him the opportunity to take long walks around the block to do some deep self-reflection.

Like a lot of users, Avery has a fondness for the semi-ritualistic aspects of enjoying cannabis, which is why he prefers rolling blunts. “To me, it’s like making art, and the process of making art is soothing and medicating in itself.”

Here’s hoping that Phoenix Art Museum holds a blunt exhibition at some point.

click to enlarge Laura Armenta - COURTESY OF LAURA ARMENTA
Laura Armenta
Courtesy of Laura Armenta

Laura Armenta, 35

Founder and Owner, Chronic Sad Girls Club

“One of my budtender friends recommend Ghost Cookies, and it’s become one of my favorite strains.”

That’s quite a friend you got there, Laura. The hybrid strain holds a 4.9 rating on Leafly, and is a solid choice for those who find themselves wrapped up in stress or dealing with pain issues. “It’s very happy and uplifting but also relaxing and mellow. The effects are strong — perfect for relieving my chronic pain,” Armenta said. “It’s also my go-to when my anxiety is high.”

But she advises against packing a bowl of it before taking on any mentally demanding business. “I would not recommend GC for times when you need to be focused and productive, but it is perfect for those evenings after a long day when you don’t want to do anything but relax.”

The way Laura puts it, this is a strain that might deserve a Netflix sponsorship. Be sure to tag them when you share this article.

click to enlarge Andrew (Last name withheld) - COURTESY OF ANDREW
Andrew (Last name withheld)
Courtesy of Andrew

Andrew, 29

Massage Therapist

This massage therapist enjoys getting his hands on a bud of the sativa-dominant hybrid they call Hope’s Cookies.

How about that? We have a “cookies” hat trick this week. We swear, this was not planned.

Andrew said the strain gives him that sweetly satisfying sativa high that creative and contemplative types know and love so much. The strain has been said to make one-hitter-quitters out of more advanced users due to its heavy kick. Even still, Andrew says he gets a feeling of “awakening” after using.

The strain’s frosty look and earthy taste give first-time users of HC a good idea of what they’re in for right up front. It’s some heavy stuff indeed. So much so, Andrew has made the Volcano his weapon of choice. The classic vaporizer helps him get the most out of a session without the overwhelming smell of Hope’s rampaging through the room.

What’s your favorite strain and why? Drop me a line at [email protected]
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