How to Get Willie Nelson's Brand of Pre-Rolls in Arizona

How to Get Willie Nelson's Brand of Pre-Rolls in Arizona
Willie's Reserve

No musician has done more for the cannabis cause than Willie Nelson, who's been flying the flag for weed for half a century now.

Naturally, the outlaw country icon now has his own cannabis brand. It's called Willie's Reserve, and of particular interest to Arizona pot smokers is recent news from the Tempe cannabis company Hana Meds that it is partnering with Willie's Reserve to bring a limited run of his "High Five Packs" of pre-rolls to Arizona.

Hana Meds will be exclusively cultivating and distributing Willie's Reserve in the state — processing, packaging, and distributing three of the company's strains. Those strains, according to a release, are "the Willie’s Reserve sativa-dominant Golden Goat, hybrid Headband, and indica-dominant Bubba Kush."

Each pack includes five "whole-flower, no-trim, half-gram pre-rolls in a collectible branded tin." As of January 25, they're all available for purchase at four Arizona shops:

*Giving Tree Dispensary in Phoenix (21617 N. Ninth Ave; 623-242-9080)

*Medmen in Scottsdale (8729 E. Manzanita Drive; 480-991-3752)

*Hana Meds in Kingman (2095 E. Northern Ave; 928-692-0000)

*Hana Meds in Green Valley (1732 W. Commerce Point Place; 520-289-8030)

More on Willie's stash here
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