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  • Right from the opening scene, where Priest shakes down/humiliates a drug-dealing rapper and his crew, SuperFly establishes that no one can ever be as cunning and crafty as him

  • Here are our picks for the most promising movies due in the Memorial Day-to-Labor Day frame that was responsible for keeping Hollywood solvent, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

  • Several grown men have been playing the same game of tag for the last three decades, spending one month each year doing everything they can to avoid one another, while also doing everything they can to secretly find and touch one another

  • ... The primates of the first section live in a world without tools, and thus don’t know what to make of them; the future humans of the later sections live at the mercy of their tools, and thus don’t question them — until, finally, they do

  • The main character, this time named Frank (Nick Offerman), like (High) Fidelity's Rob, owns a record store and lectures women about music as if they don't have opinions — or ears — of their own

  • The calamities come with accelerating speed, and everything happens so quickly that you don’t even have time to wonder if you’re having fun or not

  • As a British friend of mine might say, Ocean's 8 does what it says on the tin. That's not nothing. Here's a clockwork heist that's both more surprising and a touch more plausible than the previous Ocean's films, carried out by a...

  • As you might hope for a film with a script from the great Jules Feiffer, Dan Mirvish's Bernard and Huey bristles with anxious, circuitous, hilarious talk. Based on characters the longtime Village Voice cartoonist invented a half-century...

  • Here's a bit of wisdom that I suspect Drew Pearce, the writer/director of stylish action drama Hotel Artemis, gleaned while making his film: If you have very little time reserved for emotionally resonant moments, put Jodie Foster in...

  • The poor souls populating Ari Aster's soul-shaking slow-horror film Hereditary slide, over the film's running time, ever closer to their inevitable fates, as though their paths were preordained. I mean that not just in the movie sense that...


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