'06 Pandemic Poll - AZPX SkateRock installment

Rob Locker of local skateboard/record label/promotion company


does what many folks only wish they could do - release records by great local artists past and present like Junior Achievement and the Smoky Mountain Skullbusters and throw shows by skate rock greats like JFA. Here's what Locker has to say about the '06...

Top 5 Subject: The 5 best live performances of music I have attended this year. I went to a ton of shows this year but there are 5 particular performances that really stood out. Before I get going, I want to thank Mr. BJK for regarding my silly opinions as worthy tripe for his blog....I am pretty sure he assumed I will do a biased SkateRock list...and he is right. Secondly, I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for my mentor, MVC aka 'The Professor'-OG bassist for JFA. Thirdly, SkateRock doesn't mean it's a band of skateboarders. SkateRock is a state of mind which propels you to go skate.

I ain't gonna spew no dates 'cause I can't remember them.

5. The Liar's Handshake at the AZPX Records Benefit show at Hollywood Alley. From the ashes of Bullet Train to Moscow came the Liar's Handshake. A whole different, original approach to punk rock and it works. WELL. Please catch these guys when the opportunity arises. You won't be disappointed.

4. Dephinger at Sid's memorial show. The SCABS WITH FORTIES showed up and paid their last respects to Sid with a gut wrenching, alcohol fueled 10 minute set of the most amazing music. The low point was when Josh refused to play naked after claiming he was gonna do it all night. Maybe that's the high point? AndiKrist was in the rarest of forms. Clearly the most underrated band in the AZ.

3. Greenhaven at Chaser's 8th anniversary show. Man, I went to see Nebula that night, they cancelled. I shot over to Chasers to catch Greenhaven's set and was not disappointed! Nebula who? The only band I saw all year where everyone in the 300+ audience knew EVERY word to EVERY song. If these guys don't receive the best local release for 2006 "The Last Powerful Second", I'm moving to New Mexico.

2. Mongoloids at JFA's 25th Anniversary Show at Hollywood Alley. O.K., I'm saying it right fucking now-MONGOLOIDS ARE GOD. There, I said (wrote) it. Care to differ? You know where to find me. Yeah, yeah, I'm biased. I'm biased because Mongoloids leader, Dan Lowe, rides for AZPX Skateboards. But that's not the fucking point here. That night, the EastSide learned they were missing out on the WestSide. They blew minds. These guys showed up with their skate faces on ready to annihilate and that's just what they did. Brian Brannon from JFA pulled me aside and said, "Dude, you said you lined up bands that weren't better than us."

1. JFA at the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation the day after their 25th Anniversary show. "Hey, let's get up at 7am the day after our show, drive 100 miles to San Carlos and do it again." That's just what they did. Even though attendance was a fraction of what it was the night before, it did not matter. These guys were making history by lending themselves to these folks who revered them as heroes. I will tell you this......the pit was the GNARLIEST pit I have ever been in. There were like a dozen skinny white dudes and a bunch of big locals. Running into these guys was like hitting a brick wall. Our native brothers took care of us real well. Much respect to the Apache Nation. The JFA set it self was amazing. All the members were PUMPED to be there. As a bonus, Grant from Grant and the Geezers was there spinning the raddest reggae dub between sets. Oh yeah, we're gonna do it again in '07.

Honorable Mention: West End Crooks vs. North Side Kings @ KY's. R.I.P. Fuck GLAM. Ky's was so fucking packed that night I just stayed outside skating the curbs at KY's. Nothing is better than skateboarding to live music. The dude throwing fire balls out front didn't hurt the scene either. Anyone else who fucks with my boy Danny, is gonna have to go through me first.


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