10 National Releases to Look Forward to in 2012

Looks like 2012 is going to be a big one.

Quite a few giant records are dropping this year.

Some of them are timely followups, while others have been a long time coming (hello No Doubt).

Some have release dates, and the dates of others have yet to be announced.

We're pretty stoked about them either way.

Check out which albums we're particularly looking forward to this year after the jump...

Detox, Dr. Dre, due in 2012
For goodness sake, Dre, please don't keep us waiting any longer. There has clearly been enough time to perfect this album by now (unless this is some sort of Chinese Democracy situation).

[Title TBA], No Doubt, due in 2012
Back in November, Gwen Stefani tweeted about how sick the new No Doubt record is and that we're all "gonna freak." I'm still betting that they're going to debut new songs at Coachella.

Reign of Terror, Sleigh Bells, due February 21, 2012
The noise pop duo made a big splash with their debut album Treats. They've said their new album is louder and heavier, which can only mean great things.

[Title TBA], The Mars Volta, due in 2012
Prog-rock's finest hasn't put out a concept album in a few years. Plenty of people have been craving more "Wax Simulacra" type of songs. Give the people what they want, TMV!

Master of My Make Believe, Santigold, due spring 2012
Considering the success Santigold had with her first album, her second album is pretty highly anticipated. We're guessing you can expect more gratifying, catchy hooks and a whole lot of post-release festival appearances.

[Title TBA], Dirty Projectors, due spring 2012
With songs like "Stillness is the Move," they're a quirky bunch, but the Dirty Projectors are ready to bring back their avant-garde indie sound this spring for another go-round.

Area 52, Rodrigo y Gabriela, due January 24, 2012
The acoustic Latin folk never ceases to impress. Anything they release on their upcoming album is sure to be fast-fingered and fabulous.

[Title TBA], Madonna, due March 2012

The Material Girl has a lot going for her right now. She's scheduled to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, plus she's about to drop a single with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. While it's getting increasingly tough for her to stay relevant

Happy to You, Miike Snow, due March 27, 2012
Get ready for new Swedish indie pop ear worms!

[Title TBA], Black Sabbath, due fall 2012
Ozzy and his boys are reuniting for a tour and their first studio album in nearly 20 years. Hopefully this one will be worthy of cranking it up to 11.

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