10 Photos of Incredibly Excited Taylor Swift Fans

Taylor Swift sold out Jobing.com Arena in Glendale twice this week, which means--if we're doing our math right--that she was able to get more than 25,000 Taylor Swift fans in, processed, and out for their Best Nights Ever in 48 hours.

We couldn't possibly hope to catch all of the signs and t-shirts and bespoke Taylor Swift outfits on display this week, but here's a sampling of 10 photos of fans who are ready to never ever ever wash these hands again. If you're interested in knowing what's got them so starry-eyed, read our review of Taylor Swift's incredibly elaborate opening night or check out the full slideshow, complete with photos of the main attraction.

Important cutout-related downside: There's no way you'll be able to change her outfit as quickly as the real Taylor Swift gets it done.

While walking through the crowds at Westgate it became apparent to me that if Norman Rockwell were still alive, he'd probably just follow Taylor Swift on tour all year.

Over the course of a Taylor Swift concert, everybody begins to look a little like Taylor Swift. Scientists are unable to explain this happy phenomenon, and completely unwilling to read my manifesto about it.

It must be nice to say "I'm feelin' 22!" and not have it be seen as a sign of early-onset senility, or a desperate attempt to drown out the existential questions.

It's good to have options.

Read More: - Taylor Swift Night 1 Photos and Review (and Setlist.) - Check out the full Taylor Swift slideshow.

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