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10 Songs About Living Straight Edge

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As August comes to a close, I had the challenge of picking a fifth and final topic for Drug Month. There were plenty of options--alcohol, tobacco, Quaaludes, club drugs, bath salts, and so on, but I decided to go in a different direction this week.

How about anti-drug songs? They're harder to come by than you'd think, but we dug up 10 songs that promote a straight edge lifestyle.

Minor Threat- Straight Edge

I'm a person just like you But I've got better things to do Than sit around and fuck my head Hang out with the living dead.

This song says a lot in 47 seconds. Ian MacKaye had a huge impact on the straight edge hardcore music scene with this song as well as "Out of Step (With the World)" and "In My Eyes."

Youth of Today- Thinking Straight

Experiment with your mind You see things I can't see Well no thanks, friend Because now it ends when you push that shit on me

Hardcore vet and youth crew pioneer Ray Cappo still has a lot of energy. Looks like his vegan and straight edge beliefs payed off.

The Modern Lovers- I'm Straight

So, this phone call today concerns hippie Johnny. He's always stoned, he's never straight. Jonathan Richman is proud to say he's straight (as in drug-free). The irony is that he sounds pretty baked.

The Vibrators- Keep it Clean

Cocaine, heroin, I never use speed, I never put the needle in. Bad sex, heavy debts, It's too late to run when they come and snap your legs.

Take it from these Brits, drug use in movies doesn't make drug use cool.

Earth Crisis- The Discipline

The key to self liberation is abstinence from the destructive escapism of intoxication

Does that sound like a thesis statement, or what? Earth Crisis tends to have some fairly...ermm, intense songs about straight edge, animal liberation, and what not.

And they also have this fan.

Casey Jones- If James Hetfield Can Stay Straight Edge, Anyone Can

Tomorrow giving up Getting loaded and fucked up Thinking of what you said, it's clear I'm living and you're dead

So easy, even James Hetfield can do it!

H2O- Still Here

38 years edge what the fuck you gotta say? Is anyone out there still here today? Nailed to the X, man I live this shit I am an S.E.O.G. don't ever forget it

Toby Morse may be a straight Edge O.G., but in last year's interview, Adam Blake points out that H2O isn't a straight edge band, but they are firm supporters of PMA.

Project X- Straight Edge Revenge

I'm as straight as the line that you sniff up your nose I'm as hard as the booze that you swill down your throat I'm as bad as the shit you breath into your lungs And I'll fuck you up as fast as the pill on your tongue Straight edge revenge

In short, you don't want to mess with Project X-- both the band and the movie.

Good Clean Fun- Coll-Edge

You swore you'd be edge to eternity But now you're pledging a fraternity Here's an ode to the adage of "straight edge 'til 21" and partying in college.

International Superheroes of Hardcore- Captain Straight Edge

I am Captain Straight Edge and I am here to say All you evil drug dealers are gonna see the day where you go down If you smoke you choke You drink you stink I'll shoot a laser beam at you

New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert (formerly of Shai Hulud) assumes the roll of Captain Straight Edge for NFG's hardcore side project. The band sings about important issues like wearing a seatbelt and superhero sellouts. Check out "the amazing breakdown" toward the end of the song.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.