10 Things Under $10 This Weekend: Patrick Swayze Films, Food Not Bombs, and (Possibly) DMX

Friday Night Live at PHX Nightclub (Friday)
While DMX warned the world to "stay the fuck outta Arizona" after his recent stint in Tent City, the embattled rap star appears to have set aside his negative feelings for our state in order to appear at PHX Nightclub's Friday Night Live affair. Well, if the event's online flier is to be believed, that is. Since local club promoters have the occasional tendency to confabulate (shocking), we recommend taking their word that Mr. Earl Simmons will be in the house tonight in downtown Phoenix with a huge grain of salt. 9 p.m., no cover before 10:30 p.m. (122 East Washington Street).

Tribute Band Madness at Joe's Grotto (Friday)
Rob Zombie's headed to the Valley next month, but if you can't wait until around Halloween time (or don't got the scratch to nab a ticket) then check out local Zombie tribute act Astrocreep 2000's version of the horror rocker music. They'll be joined on the Joe's Grotto Stage by fellow mock rockers Grind (Alice in Chains imitators), Aces High (who'll send up Iron Maiden), and AZ/DZ (AC/DC, duh). 8 p.m., $5. (13825 North 32nd Street, 602-992-1007)

Nerdcore Rising at MADCAP Theaters (Friday)
"Nerdcore Rising isn't a mockumentary -- it's no A Mighty Wind or This Is Spinal Tap. It's a for-shizzle nonfiction film about "nerdcore" hip-hop, focusing on a 2006 tour of the genre's kingpin, MC Frontalot, along with performances by and/or interviews with the likes of MC Chris, Optimus Rhyme, Brian Posehn, Jello Biafra, and grand-nerd "Weird Al" Yankovic." 7 p.m., $2. (730 South Mill Avenue, Tempe, 480-634-5192) -- M.V. Moorhead

Food Not Bombs/No Mas Muertes Benefit at The Firehouse (Friday)
"Now that the freegan movement has caught on, Dumpster-diving for leftover food is trendy. Though we still can't bring ourselves to chow down on a half-eaten pork chop or the contents of a dented-to-hell can of veggies (can you say botulism?), we love hunger-relief organization Food Not Bombs' brilliant plan of turning grocery-store discards into no-cost meals for the community. Sample some of the freebie cuisine at the Food Not Bombs/No Mas Muertes Benefit. The event will also feature a vegan bake sale, a raffle, and live entertainment by Michelle Blades, The Haymarket Squares, and Andrew Jackson Jihad." 7:30 p.m., donations requested. (1015 North First Street, 602-300-7575) - Wynter Holden

Clash of the Wildchilds at Rogue West (Saturday)

According to the flier posted on Rogue West's MySpace, Minnesota psychobilly outfit The Reckless Ones have come to Arizona to battle locals the Limit Club in a battle to see which band's licks are ths slickest and who's pompadour is the pimpest. Who will be the winner in this hepcat throwdown? Probably us music fans, that's who. Buried in Red and Before This City will also perform. 8 p.m., $5. (3593 West Northern Avenue).

Patrick Swayze Film Fest at Valley Art (Saturday)
Speaking of retro-looking dudes in leather jackets, the Valley Art Theatre will be screening 1983's The Outsiders as a part of a weekend-long tribute to the late Patrick Swayze, who passed away earlier this month. While you can also catch such Swayze flicks like Dirty Dancing and Red Dawn will also unfurl during, we're gonna spend our Saturday afternoon the afternoon reuniting with Johnnycake, Sodapop Curtis, and the rest of the Greasers. Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. 2 p.m., $5.75. (509 South Mill Avenue, Tempe, 480-446-7272)

Jon Borette's "Robot Rewind" Opening Reception at Red Hot Robot (Saturday)
"This Phoenix artist just loves making quirky, child-like line drawings of comic-book-style, evil-robot scenes. And even though it depicts devastating destruction, the adolescent approach to the subject matter will steal your heart away. Borette - whose charming works will be on the display during his "Robot Rewind" exhibit at Red Hot Robot - fancies himself an expert on the subject. According to the toy boutique's Web site, he "spends his time observing and documenting robot behavior." He also claims that mechanical people are camera-shy, which is why pen-and-ink is the required medium. Clever." 7 p.m., free. (14 West Camelback Road, Phoenix, 602-264-8560) -- Lilia Menconi

Cotton Jones at Modified Arts (Sunday)
Maryland band Cotton Jones sounds a little like the Dutchess and the Duke's East Coast-dwelling country cousin. Both bands rely on male-female duets -- in Cotton Jones, the voices belong to former Page France frontman Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw -- and Cotton Jones masters that gritty '60s pop aesthetic. Paranoid Cocoon, the band's Suicide Squeeze debut, is a summery piece of roots pleasantry that showcases Nau's songwriting as well as his popular former folk band, Page France, once did -- if not better. 8 p.m., $8. (407 East Roosevelt Street, 602-462-5516) -- Sara Brickner

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