McDowell Mountain Music Festival

10 Things We Learned at McDowell Mountain Music Festival

McDowell Mountain Music Festival is Phoenix's Most Cohesive Festival. I'll leave the designation of "best" music festival for the voters to decide when the Best Of issue comes out later in the year. But I feel completely confident is saying MMMF is by far the most cohesive. The bands on both the main and local stages really weaved into each other quite well leaving very few seams the unravel the show. One of McDowell's old slogans was "Enjoy The Journey," and I gotta say I really did enjoy it in 2015. Friday's acts didn't impress me as much as Saturday's and Sunday's, except Portugal. The Man, but all of it was part of an exquisite build up that came with a completely satisfying release in the end. JEFF MOSES

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