10 Tips for Going to Warped Tour in Arizona and Not Dying

It takes a certain dedication and naiveté to go to Warped Tour in Arizona. Standing outside in what's predicted to be a 111-degree day with dozens of screaming bands isn't for everyone, but some teens continue to show their dedication year after year. The glory days of $25 punk Warped Tours at Peoria Sports Complex are long gone, but the girl pants and guyliner-sporting contingents still seem to love the festival.

If you still have your heart set on braving the heat, check out these 10 survival tips to make the most of the festival.

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1. Get plenty of sleep ahead of time. If the Summer Set is your jam, you may roll over every 10 minutes to see if it's time to get up yet. This isn't Disneyland, you need your rest.

2. Eat well. Don't go to the festival hungry. The food options are always limited and overpriced, so treat yourself to a filling meal before the festival.

3. Consider taking an aspirin before the show starts. Getting headaches at shows is one thing, but Warped Tour's brutal heat is bound to take its toll. A couple of Tylenol before and after the festival will work wonders.

4. Water, water, water. This is crucial. Bring as much water with you as you can carry. Stick one in the freezer overnight and drink the other one on your way to the venue. If you drink all of it, buy a bottle or two at the festival ASAP. Dehydration is not fun.

5. Dress appropriately. Yes, screamo bands are all about black, but wearing skintight black pants and dark T-shirts in the middle of summer in Phoenix is a terrible idea.

Instead, wear as little as possible -- but spare us the Buddha belly, if possible. Tank tops and shorts will be your saving grace, or else you may find yourself rolling or ripping your clothes up to allow for more airflow in the moment.

6. Hats and sunglasses are essential. Don't bother spending hours teasing your asymmetrical coif -- it's going to go flat the instant that first bit of sweat drips down your neck.

7. Sunscreen. Put it on while you're still in air conditioning, and keep a bottle handy if you're particularly pale.

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8. Try to get the schedule ahead of time. Warped Tour changes its set times daily, which is sort of cool for up-and-coming bands, but a huge pain in the ass for Phoenicians who want to avoid the heat as long as possible. Check Twitter and Instagram for pictures of set times; they're bound to be all over the web as soon as doors open.

9. Pace yourself. Set conflicts are bound to happen. Check out multiple bands, but only do as much as your body will allow. Also, find shade as much as possible and don't be afraid of sitting on the ground.

10. Avoid using your phone. This seems counterintuitive, but a) you'll probably enjoy the festival more if you're actually watching the bands instead of taking selfies, and b) music festivals wreak all sorts of havoc on cell phone batteries.

Make sure your phone has a full charge before you get out of the car, and set specific meeting places and times to find your friends. That's a lot more convenient than scavenging the parking lot for your buddies after your phone dies.

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