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10 Years @ Clubhouse Music Venue

The grungy hard rock band 10 Years has had its share of ups and downs. Like most groups that last more than a hot minute, they've gone through personnel changes, management changes, and a few creative crises. In fact, the band wasn't even certain that its most recent album, Feeding the Wolves (which came out last August), would see the light of day. In an interview with Rock and Roll Report, guitarist Brian Vodinh said the band experienced a "problem" that many unsigned artists would kill for: 10 Years wanted to make music for the sake of creativity but were up against industry pressure to release new music, make hits, and tour constantly. Overwhelmed, Vodinh awoke one night around 3 in the morning with lyrics and a melody to a new song in his head. Lo and behold, it became "Shout It Out" — the first single from the new record. How many other metal bands do you know that have divine intervention save them from record labels? Just sayin' . . .

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Sarah Ventre