100 Arizona Songs, Moe'Z Art, One Be Lo, Raphael Saadiq, and More in This Week's Issue

We knew the daunting (impossible, really) task of picking 100 songs that define the sound of Arizona was going to be tough, but lucky for us, we had a lot of help, from you, our readers.

We opened up a Gmail account and took submissions from you, reading through liner notes and consulting unofficial experts along the way. The resulting list, 100 Years of Music That Defined Arizona, is published in this week's issue, bolstered by insightful commentary by John "Johnny D" Dixon, Sara Cina of Long Wong's, Kimber Lanning of Stinkweeds and Local First, Eric Swedlund of Catfish Vegas, and Howe Gelb of Giant Sand.

It's part of our Centennial feature, which features a timeline of some of our states wackiest, most intense, and unbelievable moments, the search for Arizona's state food, a look at our art, and our architecture.

In our music section, our main feature is about hip-hop hybridist Moe'Z Art, with short features about wordplay obsessed rapper One Be Lo and vintage soulster Raphael Saadiq, and show previews about Kenny G (for real), Parenthetical Girls, American Standards, and Children of Bodom.

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