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13 Best October Heavy Metal Concerts in Phoenix

October has to be one of the greatest months of the year in Arizona. Not only is the weather finally, finally cooling down—but metalheads get to embrace the influx of heavy metal concerts that come to town, right in time for Halloween. With so much going on, it can be...
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October has to be one of the greatest months of the year in Arizona. Not only is the weather finally, finally cooling down—but metalheads get to embrace the influx of heavy metal concerts that come to town, right in time for Halloween. With so much going on, it can be hard to keep track of all the concerts. So here at New Times, we’ve got all your heavy metal needs covered in this list of the best metal shows for the month of October.

Shows this month run the gamut from legends like Danzig, GWAR, and Korn, to events honoring the local women in metal, to other desert metal acts like Abigail Williams and Ella Kaye. Oh yeah—and don’t forgot the multitude of heavy metal shows for Halloween. How will we ever choose?!

Oct 3 – Danzig and Superjoint – The Marquee Theatre

Glenn Danzig needs little introduction. Preceded by horror punk band The Misfits and Samhain, this talented, yet opinionated musician has been producing blues-driven doom metal via the band Danzig since the mid 1980s. An added element of excitement to this show (because you never know what will happen with Danzig) is the addition of the Phil Anselmo-fronted Superjoint, the hardcore punk/groove metal act that reunited at the 2014 Housecore Horror Film Festival and had so much fun they decided to tour throughout 2015. The lineup is rounded out by Veil of Maya, Prong and Witch Mountain

Oct 3 – Souless and Enkaged – PubRock Live

Souless is a four-piece band from Mesa that’s all about hailing the traditional roots of metal. Think the vocals of death metal, the drum and guitar of thrash, and a touch of doomcore. If you haven’t checked out this band, along with Phoenix quartet Enkaged, you’re missing out. Also on the lineup: Murkocet, My Enemy’s Blood, and Duntov.

Oct 9 – Suicidal Tendencies – Marquee Theatre

The fathers of crossover thrash are coming through the Valley of the Sun again, and I couldn’t be more stoked. It will be difficult to top their last show, when they came through town alongside Slayer not too long after bassist Ted Williams passed away. Expect to hear lots of hits, along with a healthy dose of jams from their last album, 13. Rounding out the lineup is Retox, Soundmankillz, and My Life Sentence.

Oct 9 – PHILM – Joe’s Grotto

Revolutionary Entertainment Group presents PHILM, the power metal trio created by drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Testament, Fantomas, etc.), WAR bassist Pancho Tomaselli and guitarist/singer Gerry Nestler from Civil Defiance. The band is known for combining a handful of heavy metal styles with punk and jazz to create a unique sound that already has a solid following. Along with I Don’t Conform, Ayin Alep, Concrete Sledge, From Hell, We are Nemesis, Firestarter, and more, this is going to be a hell of a show.

Oct 10 – A Night Dedicated to Women of Rock (and roll, bitches!) – 910 Live

As a fellow woman in metal, there’s no way I could leave this show out. Slunt (a heavy rock ’n’ roll band rocking songs with names like “Pizza or Anal”), along with the ReSurgence Girls, Doll Skin, and Don’t Panic. Show up, show some love, and enjoy balls to the wall (sorry, tits to the wall) rock and metal.

Oct 13 – Abigail Williams – Joe’s Grotto

Black metal quartet Abigail Williams is a prime example of a desert metal band succeeding in music. Originally from Phoenix, they now live in Washington but have been gaining a steady following after their formation in 2004. Hit up this show to enjoy a range of symphonic black metal, alongside bands like Today is the Day, and local act Xpansion Theory.

Oct 22 – Korn and Suicide Silence – The Marquee

A lot of people don’t really consider Korn true metal anymore—but their influence within the genre cannot be denied. The group has had its massive share of ups and downs, and introduced countless kids to heavier music. Word on the street is that the band is writing songs for their 12th studio album currently, but they continue to enjoy the touring life. They still put on a good live show with a diverse array of hits—but I think my excitement for this show lies with supporting acts Suicide Silence and Islander.

Oct 24 – Concertina’s Official EP Release Party – Cactus Jack’s Ahwatukee Tavern

Have you heard of Concertina yet? No? Then you probably have not been paying attention to the AZ metal scene. This young band is impressive for many reasons—they are tight and polished, young as hell, and garner influence from bands like Pantera, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Orange Goblin, and The Sword. The quartet just realized their debut EP, and I guarantee that they’re already a force to be reckoned with.

Oct 28 – GWAR – The Marquee

I don’t know if there’s a band alive (or dead, for that matter) gets more intriguing, in character, or ridiculous than GWAR. Over the past 30 years, not only has the band parlayed its popularity and theatrics into everything from comics and lunchboxes to an “upscale divebar” that opened earlier this year, the American heavy metal band continues to pack venues full of fans that love love LOVE their music and hilarious theatrics With Born of Osiris, Battlecross, and Why So Weak.

Oct 30 – The Devil’s Night – RockBar

Old Town truly is bringing the metal as of late. Last month there was the Scottsdale Metal Invasion at RockBar, and this month the heaviness is being brought up another notice. Brought to you by Wondercore Booking and Management, locally loved hardcore death metallers Ella Kaye is taking over the venue. The band recently put out their much anticipated EP Comas Collide, which includes guest appearances by members of Eyes Set to Kill, From First to Last, The Word Alive, Blessthefall, and Betrayin the Martyrs. The lineup is rounded out by Chivalry is Dead, The Living Breathing, Varna, and The Alchemy. The air will be heavy with me-tal.

Oct 31 – A Night to Hail Metal – Joe’s Grotto

Just one of the many Halloween shows for your many metal musical tastes. With heavy rockers Fatal Malady, Rob Zombie tribute AmEricAn ZoMbie, and 2 in the Chest—this “wild west” rustic metal band is one I’ve been wanting to check out ever since one of the members won at the Heavy Metal Television VJ competition—this show will be chock full of costumes and on-stage horror masks. Rounded out by Ashes of the Dead and Buttonface.

Oct 31 – Nonya’s Haunted Halloween from Hell! – The Blooze Bar

Crystal Nonya is a big part of the AZ metal scene, so this should be one hell of a party. What better way to celebrate Halloween then at an intimate venue hosting a great show—and of course killer whiskey deals? Expect to see some clasiscs by metal/hardcore group 94 Blades, Ghost 211, St. Madness and Altered Silence. There will also be a badass costume contest and 50/50 raffle!

Oct 31-Nov 1 – Monster Mash 2015 – Tempe Beach Park

Okay, so this pick goes into November 1—but does it really matter? The Monster Mash 2015 hosts a wealth of mainstream metal bands. On October 31, among lots of costumes, food and booze at Tempe Beach Park, you can catch Tool, Primus, Coheed & Cambria and others. Then on November 1 you can expect a little more heavy metal influence, with Linkin Park, Rob Zombie, Deftones, Puscifer, Halestorm and Ghost.
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