Throwdown on the Interweb; Ear Infection's in Your Corner

2006 Ear Infection Pandemic Poll

Seems a little


has erupted on the interweb in the masturbatory little world of music criticism, between my own company and sister paper

Village Voice

's annual

Pazz & Jop Critics' Poll

and Gawker media's too-cool-for-school


music blog. The Pazz & Jop poll's been around for more than thirty years, and was/is considered an institution by many; since my company merged with their company late last year, some folks are pissed off that longtime employees have disappeared from the Village Voice, and think that the paper's credibility is damaged. Hence, Idolator is doing its own critics poll, and poking fun at the corporation I work for.

Who cares.

Really, who cares what the hell a bunch of people who you've never heard of have to say about what happened in the '06? Do you even know who Michaelangelo Matos is? If so, do you even care?

So instead of participating in either the Pazz & Jop poll or the Idolator poll, I'm going to bring you your own deluge of Top 5 lists for last year straight from people you know or know about, the musicians, promoters, and playaz who make the 'Nix's music scene pop. With luck, and help from the aforementioned hustlers, Ear Infection will bring you the lists as they come in, hopefully with some music to go along with it. Invitations start going out today, and if you feel you or someone you know should be included and haven't been yet, hit me up at the link below and tell me why (include "pandemic" in the subject line).

Thanks, and holla: Brendan Joel Kelley


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