25 Best Ravers and Ragers From Global Dance Festival

An estimated crowd of more than 7,000 people came to the Global Dance Festival at Tempe Beach Park this past weekend, most of whom were dressed both warmly and colorfully for the outdoor electronic music massive -- including hordes of attendees in outrageous and over-the-top costumes. Others went with skimpier attire, cold weather be damned.

But no matter what they were (or weren't) wearing, everyone in attendance at the festival was in the mood to go wild and get down to EDM served up by the likes of Steve Aoki, Adventure Club, Crizzly, and Morgan Page, which probably helped everyone stay warm.

We spent the entire evening chronicling the festival and kept a running tally of our favorite partiers that we saw along the way. Here's our rundown.

The Cat's Meow The purr-fect look for an EDM festival.

Silent But Deadly Fear the Foot.

Devil's Advocate Could it be...Satan?

Queen of Hearts All caked up and nowhere to go

Going Wildcat So, um, what's your favorite college team from Arizona?

All American Steven Rogers, eat your heart out.

Rainbow Bright She's magically delicious

Pixel Power Why yes, there are raves in Minecraft.

Captain Caveman EDM goes BC

Wigging Out Brock Megawatts of Wig Mafia with his peeps.

Panda Partiers So cute we can't bear it.

Bacon Boy If only they made strips this big.

California Love West Coast, represent!

Just Doo It Rorry Raggy, I'm off at the rave.

Creatures of the Night To paraphrase Martin Garrix, they're the fucking animals.

A Shell of A Good Time Channeling their inner Ninja Turtle.

Green Monster You wouldn't want to meet that dude on a darkened dance floor.

Dark Knightlife Do y'all know how to do the Batdance?

Neon and On This dude's like a walking dance club.

Pretty in Pink Feeling a little fuzzy.

Hare Today If you go chasing rabbits, you know you're going to fall.

Decked Out This go-go girl is a real card.

Morphsuit de Mayo ¿Como se dice "awesome" en Español, wey?

Royal Welcome Its good to be king.

Plush Life They're like a couple of human Care Bears.

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