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2Tone Lizard Kings Headline Two-Tone Themed Event at The Rogue Bar

The last time I was invited to a Black and White Party, a buddy of mine convinced me it would be a great idea to cram into his Scion tC with a third dude, drive across the border around the time shit started getting sticky, and hit up this crazy party in Rocky Point.

Long story short, Puerto Penasco wasn't the quick trip I was lead to believe. We ended up driving something like five hours, to party for two hours, sleep on the beach for one hour and then make the drive back.

Well friends you can skip the immigration checkpoint because The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale will play host to a Black and White Party that will feature some of Arizona's primo ska bands this Friday, August 26.

The lineup for the night includes 2Tone Lizard Kings, Abraham Drinkin' and The Sara McAllister Band; three acts of a very few number of bands that are holding down Arizona's ska scene.

Rogue Bar's quaint quarters should provide the exact atmosphere needed for a skanking good time to go along with 2TLK's frantic tempo and upbeat rhythms. BOHICA -- from Primeval Itch by user3476135 Doors open at 9 p.m. Friday, August 26. Five bucks and a valid I.D. showing you're 21 or older gets you in.

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