30 Richest Musicians of 2014

Glitz. Glamour. And obscene, seven-figure weekly paychecks.

Such is the life of the rich and famous pop tarts, rock stars, rappers, and superstar DJs who enrich our lives with their inspiring music, spectacular tours, semi-nude Instapics, and endless drug-taking, DUI-ing, sex tape-ing antics.

Can you imagine making $100,000 a day? Well, even the poorest among Forbes' highest-paid musicians of 2014, like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, pull down that many greenbacks every 24 hours.

Others, meanwhile, mint that much moola in 60 minutes. All day. All night. All year.

30. Lady Gaga: $33 million

28. Luke Bryan: $34 million

28. Muse: $34 million

26. Celine Dion: $36 million

26. Miley Cyrus: $36 million

24. Jennifer Lopez: $37 million

24. Jason Aldean: $37 million

23. Katy Perry: $40 million

22. Kenny Chesney: $44 million

21. Elton John: $45 million

20. Roger Waters: $46 million

19. Rolling Stones: $47 million

18. Rihanna: $48 million

17. Michael Bublé: $51 million

16. Pink: $52 million

15. Justin Timberlake: $57 million

12. Bruno Mars: $60 million

12. Diddy: $60 million

12. Jay Z: $60 million

11. Taylor Swift: $64 million

10. Toby Keith: $65 million

9. Calvin Harris: $66 million

8. Paul McCartney: $71 million

7. One Direction: $75 million

6. Justin Bieber: $80 million

5. Bruce Springsteen: $81 million

4. Bon Jovi: $82 million

3. The Eagles: $100 million

2. Beyoncé: $115 million

1. Dr. Dre: $620 million

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