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Marc Anthony Arena $53-$144
Flock of Seagulls Ovations Live! $40-$99
Animotion Ovations Live! $40-$99
Dramarama Ovations Live! $40-$99
Men Without Hats Ovations Live! $40-$99
Bow Wow Wow Ovations Live! $40-$99
Naked Eyes Ovations Live! $40-$99
The Flirts Ovations Live! $40-$99
Sound Remedy The Monarch Theatre $15-$35
MitiS The Monarch Theatre $15-$35
Disco Fries Maya Day and Nightclub $10
The Black Moods Crescent Ballroom $7/$10
Tramps and Thieves Crescent Ballroom $7/$10
Dead Hot Workshop Crescent Ballroom $7/$10
Mic For the Night Sho... Club Red $12
Project Independent 2014 Joe's Grotto $12
Discordant Joe's Grotto $12
The Pattern Interrupt Joe's Grotto $12
Riksha Joe's Grotto $12
ENDever Joe's Grotto $12
(sic)monic Joe's Grotto $12
I Dont Konform Joe's Grotto $12
13 Steps to Nowhere Joe's Grotto $12
Unconscious Minds Joe's Grotto $12
Wake the Harbinger Joe's Grotto $12
Unsheathe Joe's Grotto $12
Lifted to Fall Joe's Grotto $12
Dropdead Pub Rock $10/$12
Landmine Marathon Pub Rock $10/$12
Juice Pub Rock $10/$12
Kashyyyk Pub Rock $10/$12
Ariana Loraine AMC Fountain Stage free
Wanted - The Ultimate... Casino Arizona $12
After Romeo District Stage free
Dry River Yacht Club Last Exit Live $5
The SunPunchers Last Exit Live $5
Banshee Bones Last Exit Live $5
C3 Last Exit Live $5
Ian Moore and the Los... Rhythm Room $12/$15
Dave Riley & Bob Corr... Rhythm Room $8
Radiofix Rockbar Inc. $5
Mighty Unlisted Rockbar Inc. $5
DJ Organic Yucca Tap Room free
Forming Stories (CD R... Yucca Tap Room free
DJ Senbad Bar Smith $10
DJ Pete Salaz Bar Smith $10
DJ Robbie Rob Bar Smith $10
DJ Bigie Meanmugg Bar Smith $10
DJ Mane One Bar Smith $10
DJ Alkeme Bar Smith $10
DJ Self.Destrukt The Rogue Bar $5
DJ Defense.Mekanizm The Rogue Bar $5
DJ Aeternum The Rogue Bar $5
Vicki McDermitt & Friends The Nash $12-$15
New Frequency Band Cascades Lounge freee
Pima Express Encore Lounge free
Psychedelic Mooj Ice House Tavern $5
Captive Cooks Ice House Tavern $5
Gregg Meyers Ice House Tavern $5
Delphine Cortez Remington's free
Joel Robin Remington's free
Mike Breen Rusty Spur Saloon free
Jlynn Baseline Sports Bar $10
B Smalls Baseline Sports Bar $10
Skull Kids Baseline Sports Bar $10
Halcyon Baseline Sports Bar $10
Mando Baseline Sports Bar $10
Roxxx Baseline Sports Bar $10
Inertia Baseline Sports Bar $10
Sesso Baseline Sports Bar $10
Buddah Baseline Sports Bar $10
Trailer Queen Cup O' Karma free
The Hourglass Cats Fountain Park free
Drunk & Horny Funny World free
Jerusafunk Funny World free
Dinosaur Love Funny World free
Mercury Mines Funny World free
Eli Kluger Funny World free
DJ MJ Jimmy Buffett's Ma... free
Luna Aura Lustre Bar $10
Body Tricks Lustre Bar $10
DJ Slippe Lustre Bar $10
Ex-Ghost Lustre Bar $10
Posso Talking Stick Resort free for ladies, $10 for guys
Starkillers W Hotel Scottsdale $15
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