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Pet Shop Boys Comerica Theatre $45-$50
Pleasure Principle Comerica Theatre $45-$50
Phoenix Symphony Symphony Hall $18-$79
Phantogram The Marquee Theatre $22/$26
Teen The Marquee Theatre $22/$26
Wilson Phillips Ovations Live! $35-$99
AbbaFab Higley Center $20-$50
Om Crescent Ballroom $14/$16
Watter, & T.O.A.D. Crescent Ballroom $14/$16
Treats 4 Treatments A... The Sail Inn
Saliva Club Red $18/$20
3 Years Hollow Club Red $18/$20
Chemicals of Democracy Club Red $18/$20
Rejected Faith Club Red $18/$20
Trigger Void Club Red $18/$20
Sans Meridian Club Red $18/$20
Artificial Insanity Joe's Grotto $10
80*D Joe's Grotto $10
Serum Joe's Grotto $10
The Event Horizon Joe's Grotto $10
ASU Piano Ensembles Katzin Concert Hall free
We Call the Shots Pub Rock $10/$15
Straight On Til Morning Pub Rock $10/$15
Monaghans Dixon Pub Rock $10/$15
Sovereign Seas Pub Rock $10/$15
The Trophy Child Pub Rock $10/$15
Reckless Logic Pub Rock $10/$15
The Royals Pub Rock $10/$15
Rickie Lee Jones MIM Music Theater $42.50-$57.50
Ronnie Glover Pranksters Too free
Truckers on Speed Tempe Tavern free
Jim Swaford Tempe Tavern free
Anvil Big Fish Pub $15/$17
Ye'iitsoh Big Fish Pub $15/$17
Heavy Metal Blood Drive Big Fish Pub $15/$17
Fail to Reason Big Fish Pub $15/$17
Tony Putrino AMC Fountain Stage free
Diamond in the Rough District Stage free
Freezer Last Exit Live $7/$10
The Relief Crew Last Exit Live $7/$10
Morry Sochat and the ... Rhythm Room $8/$9
Billy Watson Rhythm Room $8/$9
Bob Corritore Rhythm Room $8/$9
The Upper Strata Tempe Marketplace free
Christie Huff Tempe Marketplace free
Bear Ghost Red Owl $8/$10
Cartoon Lion Red Owl $8/$10
Kin of the Zen Red Owl $8/$10
Cass and Chris Red Owl $8/$10
From Athens We Fled Red Owl $8/$10
Sister Lip Red Owl $8/$10
The Dickensons CK's Tavern free
The JJ's Oasis Lounge free
Mellow Heat Rips free
Wolves of Winter Yucca Tap Room free
Tracey Rappa and the Heat Yucca Tap Room free
Asimov Yucca Tap Room free
Bovine Fury Yucca Tap Room free
Daily Grind Yucca Tap Room free
Marisa Anderson Trunk Space $6
Chuck E. Baby Encore Lounge free
RPM Orchestra FilmBar $12
New Frequency Band VQ Live Lounge free
Delphine Cortez Remington's free
Joel Robin Remington's free
Mike Breen Rusty Spur Saloon free
Jazz Alliance Gold Bar Espresso free
Blasphemous Rumours Casino Arizona at ... $12
Arizona 420 Festival Crowne Plaza $25-$530
Phoenix Early Music E... Hayden Library free
DJ MJ Jimmy Buffett's Ma... free
Paisley Yankolovich The Kitchen free
Zia Records You H... Time Out Lounge free
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