Best Of Phoenix 2023
Tom Carlson

Best Of Phoenix® 2023

We get about 93 days of summer each year, the experts say. But if you live in Phoenix, you know that our temperatures heat up in the spring and stay toasty well into fall. (They don’t call us the Valley of the Sun for nothing!)

On those searing days, we desert-dwellers often wait for the sun to set before venturing out into the city. What do we find there? A place that, unlike the Phoenix of even a decade ago, is a hot commodity in the nighttime, a city full of cutting-edge theater, nationally recognized restaurants and bars, exciting sports, moonlit hikes, exciting music, fresh art and so much more.

Not that you can’t find all that during the day – the Valley is a hotbed of activity when the sun’s up, too. Which is why New Times' Best of Phoenix® 2023, Hot Desert Nights, celebrates the best of what the city to has to offer, night and day, and this year, we’ve got more than 400 categories we’re excited to share with you.

There’s something magical about a warm evening in the city. Come with us to explore Phoenix under the moonlight with Hot Desert Nights.

Best Of Phoenix®

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