Mmmm, Jared Leto
Mmmm, Jared Leto

30 Seconds to Mars May Be Short on Eyeliner, Not on Talent

OK, I'm going to say this, and it's not just because Jared Leto is freaking hott: 30 Seconds to Mars put on one of the best band performances on network television when they performed last week on Conan O'Brien, and my YouTube browser can't refresh quickly enough.

The rock band performed their single, "Kings and Queens," off their new album, This Is War. There were nearly 20 people on-stage at once, including a punky choir, three free-standing drummers who danced the whole time and a string quartet.

It was so amazing to watch, and everyone on-stage seemed to be really into it. It's nice to see a rock band put in an effort to make their performance beautiful, and even if you are not a 30 Seconds to Mars fan, it's evident the band knows how to manipulate the visual side of their performances.

And it's interesting that the newest single sounds a whole lot like Angels and Airwaves. Is Leto trying to be the prettier version of Tom DeLonge? All I know is I miss Leto's eyeliner. Bring it back! In case you missed the performance...


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