30 Strait Years: George Strait Has Had a Hit Every Year Since 1981

A few weeks ago I went on The Blaze 1330, the student radio station operated by Arizona's Third Most Prestigious State University and played an hour of George Strait.

Now, I'm sure there are a few people who will find fault with how I spent my hour-long Guest DJ Week slot, but you can't argue with Strait's place in popular music. As a press release I got today pointed out, Strait has accomplished what no other artist in the history of Billboard charts has -- 30 years of consecutive Top 10 hits.

The King of Country's current single, "I Gotta Get to You," just jumped from No. 12 to No. 9 on Billboard's radio airplay list, his 82nd such hit since 1981's "Unwound."

Congrats, George.

By the way, the old Troubadour still puts on one hell of a show.


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