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311 Made the Marquee Theatre Feel So Good

The band was all about sharing their high energy and extreme positivity with the crowd a few months before their annual summer Unity Tour will kick off.

Read what 311 fans had to say about the show, and check out our review here:

@brodElla311: 311 BABY! 311-3-3-11!!!!!

@hellocindy: 311 days left in the year.. @311 playing the marquee - coincidence? i think not. sold out show.

@realBRENDOR: 311 played another amazing show at the Marquee in Tempe tonight!! Keep on doing your thing guys!

@turnitupinc: 311 Bitches!!!!

@mrsidique: @syalam Yeah they did play Down. Fun concert!


@TroyBeast: @Unity_c7 @pnut @nickhexum @311 Starshines!

@hexthis: Awesome @311 set @nickhexum @pnut I could watch u guys 24/7

@hopediggs: @nickhexum y'all never disappoint! Thanks for visiting the desert tonight! The show was jammin. I've been hitting your shows since 94.

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Lenni Rosenblum