Damn, brah, what to do on 4/20, yo? The magically puffalicious date only rolls around once a year, and any hardcore smoke aficionado uses it as an excuse for a day filled with bong rips and heavy snacking -- kind of funny, since according to Snopes.com, our favorite urban-legend debunker, 420 is neither the police radio code for weed, nor does it refer to any anti-dope legal statutes. It just came from 12 kids at San Rafael High School in California who'd meet up at that time of day to light up. But we digress -- once you pull yourself off the couch, there are a couple of beat fests happening amid the haze: the no-cover-charge "Painter's Touch" graffiti art show at the Palo Verde Lounge (at Beck Avenue and Broadway Road in Tempe), with DJs Diabetic, Choice One, and Cuban; or you've got the Blunt Club's collaboration with Headquarters (our fave head shop) for a 4/20 bash at Hollywood Alley in Mesa, featuring the usual suspects, DJs Hyder and Tricky T, and some surprises that even we're not privy to.
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Brendan Joel Kelley