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5 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance Was a Good Thing

Miley Cyrus keeps breaking records. This week, her polarizing, bizarre, what-drugs-is-she-on? performance at the MTV Video Music Awards caused a Twitter avalanche, inspiring more than 300,000 Tweets per minute and upsetting the slightly classier Beyonce as the title holder of most Tweets in a minute in the process. As parents gasped in horror, viewers threw up in their mouths, and everyone from the Teddy Bear Org. to the guy who invented the foam finger got ticked off, Cyrus continued on her quest of world domination. Even her manager, Larry Rudolph (who is no stranger to train wrecks, as Britney Spears' longtime head honcho), called the performance a coup.

Rudolph's right -- at least, if you're not judging the performance in terms of taste or musical talent. Cyrus cemented her status in the VMA performance hall of fame. Keep reading for five reasons why the act the world is deploring actually was a good thing, both for Cyrus and the rest of us.

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Nicki Escudero
Contact: Nicki Escudero