5 Reasons Why "Wonderful Christmastime" Is The Best Christmas Song Ever

​The joy and delight of the holiday season is something you either absolutely love, tolerate to a certain degree or loathe with all your being.

Those who take the latter stance probably blame the season's music for their hatred, and who can blame them? A lot, if not all, of Christmas/holiday music is pretty awful. Case in point: Kenny G's Miracles: The Holiday Album has sold over 7 million copies, making it the highest selling Christmas album of all time. It was the best selling Christmas album in 1994 and 1996. For shame, 1995...

So Kenny G has the best selling Christmas album ever, thus proving that most Christmas music is contrived, schlock-tastic nonsense. Not all yuletide jams have to be awful, though. One funky little song stands heads and shoulders as the king of Christmas music: Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime."

Here now are five reasons why.

5. The Lyrics
"Wonderful Christmastime" is perhaps one of the most simple Christmas songs, something that those opposed to the genre need in order to have any inkling of ever enjoying it. Lyrics like "The mood is right / The spirit's up / We're here tonight / And that's enough" paint a pretty clear picture of the holiday season's cheery mood.

4. The Album Art 
Paul McCartney wearing a Santa hat with rosy, wintertime cheeks. Throw some stars on there?​ Yeah, throw some stars on there. Perfect.

Just a bunch of friends at the pub, drinking to good times and Christmas cheer. The added sparkly constellation animation is a corny enough touch, as well. I don't know about you, but I'd hang out at the pub where Paul McCartney sits at the piano and leads an impromptu band.

2. "Terminally Chill" by Neon Indian
I remember the first time I heard this song -- I couldn't help but hear the similarity to "Wonderful Christmastime." Alan Palomo does many a great thing with a synthesizer, but "Terminally Chill" is his ode to "Wonderful Christmastime" -- and there's nothing wrong with that. 

We wouldn't have "Wonderful Christmastime" if it wasn't for this brilliant piece of equipment. The Prophet-5 is the most remarkable thing about the song and most likely the one thing someone will mention when you bring it up in a conversation:
"Oh, you mean that Christmas song with Paul McCartney and that goofy synthesizer?" 

Yes, that song -- the best Christmas song ever.

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Michael Lopez