5 Things We Could Expect to See From Meg White Now

The White Stripes
If you're anything like me, your first thought when you heard that the White Stripes were breaking up was this: "Sucks to be Meg White right now!"

After all, it's not like Jack White has got anything to worry about. He's still got The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, collaborations with Danger Mouse, and pretty much anything else he wants to do. Meg's career prospects are a different story.

But before you go feeling too bad for Meg White you might want to consider that the White Stripes breaking up may very well be the best thing that could have happened to her.

It's no secret that Jack held all the cards in the band and considering everything he had going on he could have pulled the plug on the group anytime he wanted to. So if Meg had any interest in continuing with the band she had to make sure she didn't do anything to push him in the direction of breaking up. But now that the group is finished she could move on to a lot of of other things without worrying about how Jack feels about it.

And really Meg's options are pretty limitless. Because, if there is anything that popular culture in America has proven to us countless times, it's that having a famous name will allow you, deservedly or not, to do just about anything you want.

So here are a few things that we could possibly expect to see from Meg White in the future.

Write a tell-all book....

Of all of the things on this list this one is probably the most likely. And, in my opinion, would probably be one helluva interesting read. In the book we can find out the reason why they told everyone they were brother and sister as well as other interesting things. Some of which we probably already assumed, like Jack is a crazy control freak or that Meg did all of the songwriting. Okay, nobody probably assumed that. But either way, I'm guessing it will be filled with all kinds of interesting bits of information. I'm hoping the book will be titled something along the lines of "White Stripes and a Black & Blue Soul: The Meg White Story" or "Get Behind Me Jack White: The Life and Times of Meg White."

Become a reality TV star...

Meg has always been known as the shy one of the duo and was always more comfortable letting Jack do the talking. Most people assumed that this was because Jack needed to be the center of attention and told Meg not to talk. Now that he's out of the picture we could possibly see Meg come out of her shell and show the world that she's got something to say. What better forum for that than reality television?

Now, obviously Meg is a bit too frail for Survivor or The Amazing Race so it will need to be something less physically demanding. And being that she's already married she won't be able to get on any of those horrible Rock of Love spin-offs. But being that she is married she would probably be perfect for The Real Housewives of Detroit. Technically that show doesn't exist yet, but I've got my fingers crossed for that one.

Reinvent herself and launch a solo career...

While Meg always seemed to be more comfortable out of the spotlight than in it she did have lead vocals on a handful of White Stripes tracks. While these songs, like "In The Cold, Cold Night" and "Passive Manipulation" were nice novelty songs they didn't exactly leave most fans too eager for a Meg White solo record. Of course she could always reinvent herself for a solo project and maybe make a move into a different genre like chillwave or slutwave or possibly some other type of "wave" that we haven't heard of yet. But probably the best thing for her to do if she wanted to make a solo record would be to get the number of Danger Mouse from Jack. Danger Mouse has made a career of creating great music with other notable artists like Cee-Lo and James Mercer of The Shins. It's probably a pretty sure bet he could do the same thing with Meg.

Join any band she wants...

During her time with the White Stripes, Meg didn't exactly have a reputation as one of the world's greatest drummer. Regardless, with a few possible exceptions, there isn't a band anywhere that wouldn't throw their current drummer overboard for a chance to have Meg White join the band. She may not make the band any better but the exposure alone would be worth it. Having someone with a famous name join your band is a gauranteed way towards instant notoriety. Just ask local wanna-be's You Hang Up.

Anything she wants...

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone but the White Stripes sold a lot of records, sold a lot of merch, and sold out a lot of shows. And doing all of these things earned the band a lot of money, which in turn made Meg White a lot of money. So much money probably that if she never wanted to work another day in her life again she wouldn't have to. Or if she wanted to make a remake of The Godfather with an all dog cast she could probably do that, too. The point is she is super rich and could do just about anything she wanted to do. Remember that before you send her that 'sucks the band broke up' sympathy card.

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