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5 Ways to Celebrate Gregg Gillis/Girl Talk Day

It seems Gillis' recent performances this past weekend in Pittsburgh have a broader influence than many realized. The resolution cites that Gillis "now resides in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh," as well as having "recently opening the new Stage AE club and amphitheater with two sold out performances." Gillis' recent exploits have weighed heavily on Peduto's mind, and why the hell not give Gillis his own day -- at least in Pittsburgh?

If you're feeling this new resolution for "Greg Gillis Day" yet don't live in Pittsburgh, worry not -- I have come up with a few ways to celebrate this momentous occasion. Here now are 5 ways to celebrate "Gregg Gillis Day."

1. Listen To Two Stereos At Once
Short of simply putting on Gillis' latest Girl Talk album All Day, you can create your own little mashup by playing two stereos at once -- one preferably on some early 90's pop and the other on current, Top 40 hip hop.

2. Sync up Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz
This one makes a lot of sense to celebrate a dude who mashes up two separate genres and makes seemingly polar opposites work in perfect harmony. There are probably some other album/film sync-ups you could do, but why not do the one that has detailed instructions?

3. Walk Around Looking Really Sweaty While Wearing a Headband and White V-Neck Shirt
This one's pretty simple. See this, or this and finally this.

4. Invite a Bunch of People to Your Cubicle To Watch You Do Work.
Gillis' live shows have often become party central onstage, with hordes of audience members gallivanting around Gillis as he works his iBook. Perhaps all this is what inspired Councilman Peduto to make today in honor of Gillis. So go ahead and invite a bunch of friends to stand around you and chat while you work away in your cubicle or office or wherever it is you do your work.

5. Combine Two Different Sandwiches At Lunch, Eat Them At Once
What simpler, better way to celebrate Gillis than to make your own sandwich mashup? Maybe it's roast beef with tuna or turkey with egg salad. Whatever it is, make sure it's not too gross and doesn't involve any McDonalds.

Don't feel bad that you're not in Pittsburgh to celebrate all things Gregg Gillis today. There are more than a few easy ways to bring the Girl Talk party to your neck of the woods. Bonus points to those out there that mashup two of these suggestions, like eating their monster sandwich while syncing up Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz or going to work in their crowded cubicle wearing a super sweaty white v-neck. I just blew my own mind.

Download Gillis' latest Girl Talk album All Day for free via Illegal Art.

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Michael Lopez