50 Cent Bulks Up for The Invasion Tour at Celebrity Theatre with Tony Yayo

50 Cent looked pretty healthy last night at The Invasion Tour at Celebrity Theatre, where he performed alongside G-Unit member Tony Yayo. Even though he lost more than 50 pounds for an upcoming film role as a cancer patient in Things Fall Apart, Fiddy managed to bulk up a little more and was in fine form during the show, where he got "hella slapps," according to one fan who Tweeted after the concert. Just what are hella slapps? Maybe you can figure it out by reading more of what fans had to say in 140 characters or less--and check out Up on the Sun's take on the show here, as well as an interview with 50 Cent here.

@DjGraphikz- 5 yrs ago 50 cent wouldve been in glendale for this show now hes at celebrity theatre, #thatssad

@officialALove- 50 cent concert was crazy...my niggas

@10TRIBE- Yo the 50 Cent concert was badass! He did all the good iish!

@RAYRICH310- Watching 50 cent and Tony Yayo rip the stage..

@GotRico- Man somebody get tony yayo off the stage! Its 50!!

@BIGROME1- 50 cent concert wat tight!!

@stephen_james- Getting shot at the 50 Cent concert with @justingodsey @ryanksteele and @TspRiley.

@justingodsey- Going to the candy shop to have a disco inferno because I'm definetely a wanksta. 50 cent concert with steve, riley and ryan :)

@mayraortega- Having a blast at the 50 Cent concert! Whoooooohoooo. :)

@djvillin- 50 and tony yayo putting a great show, finally lol!!!!!

@ryanksteele- I think I got weeds in my eyes from the 50 cents concert. They won't stop itching and watering. Blahhh.


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.