50 Cent's Mansion Burgled by Stoners

Two men broke into 50 Cent's Farmington, Connecticut mansion, according to MTV News.

Clearly 50 Cent hasn't had the best of luck lately. Last week he was sued for copyright infringement, and now this happens. Shit, man.

Considering how stupid this story is, it might be one of my favorite stories of the year. Once the guys broke in, they hid in different parts of the mansion. Once Fitty's security team realized there was a suspicious car in the driveway, they searched the place with a Farmington Police K-9 and found one of the guys drinking a stolen bottle of wine in the closet. They eventually found the other shmoe, who was also hiding.

They broke into a loaded rapper's mansion and all they stole was a bottle of wine. Really, guys? On top of that, both men were in possession of marijuana and they didn't even blaze in Fitty's mansion. What a waste!

A note to criminals: If you're planning on breaking into the home of someone famous, do more than just drink and hang out in a closet. Go nuts and it up right. It's a go big or go home operation.

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