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9-Piece Orchestral Punk Ensemble Coming To Rogue Bar

You thought Revolver Records' Outer Bounds of Sound had the market cornered on experimental shit? Nope. The Rogue Bar continues their show announcement extravaganza with Mount Righteous, a 9-piece orchestral punk ensemble and choir from Texas, which will be playing the South Scottsdale dive on January 18. Check out the Mp3 below -- they've really got a cool sound.

The band uses mostly acoustic instrumentation, and sometimes perform without the use of amplifiers or microphones, "relying on the thunderous rumble of sousaphone, trombone, trumpet, and marching drums, the melodic intricacy of piccolo, melodica, bells, and guitar, and the power of 8 harmonized voices lifted in jubilant abandon." Yes, it sort of sounds like what their fellow Texans Asylum Street Spankers though a little hipper.

Their debut album, When The Music Starts, was produced by an engineer who has worked with Polyphonic Spree and St. Vincent and was followed up with an EP they released in September to keep fans sated before their sophomore album drops early next year.

I really dig the sound...

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