A Black Sabbath Afterparty: FilmBar Hosts "Boot Sabbath: Live & Rare" After Friday's Show

For the true Black Sabbath devotee, there is only one place to be on Friday night. No, not US Airways Center. Sure, a true devotee would probably pay some shekels to see three quarters of the band that created Paranoid, Masters of Reality, and Volume IV in the flesh, sagging though it may be, someone who wants to be in the same auditorium with Ozzy's bellow and Tony Iommi's prosthetic fingertips.

But what about the fans still smarting about Bill Ward's dismissal, or the Sabbath never-say-diehards who didn't like the new album or quite frankly preferred the band when there were more members of Deep Purple in it.

For that special strand of worshipper, the only place to be Friday is at the FilmBar when The Unfathomable Film Freakout hosts "Boot Sabbath: Live & Rare," a collection of Sabbath videos from every Sabbath lineup, lovingly transferred from hard-to-find VHS tapes. For the cost of one energy drink at a stadium show, you can hear and see Sabbath not only with Bill Ward, but with Cozy Powell, Ian Gillian, Ronnie James Dio... even Bev Bevan, the timekeeper of ELO!

And its midnight showtime ensures that people going to the concert will be able to contrast and compare. With that in mind we spoke with The Unfathomable Film Freakout compere Dan Stone, who in the past has brought us such music-related fare as Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park and Metallimania, the only tear-free documentary about Metallica.

Do you think you're going to get more of the people who are looking for something to do after the show or people who couldn't afford the high ticket price and refused to see them tarnishing their legacy? Ideally, both crowds will come down before and after the concert. FilmBar is located less than a mile from US Airways Center, on 2nd Street, so it's a perfect place to get warmed up for the show. And with the Boot Sabbath show starting at midnight, everyone will have plenty of time to get from the show back to FilmBar and get some beers and continue the party.

For those not going to the show, this will be your best bet to get in on the festivities tied in with the big rock show. Plus I'm doing giveaways from Revolver Records, Heavy Metal Television, and Love & Hate Tattoo.

Why didn't you give yourself the night off and go? We could have taken the night off, but then the people would have nowhere to go before and after the Sabbath show. We cannot in good conscience let our fellow rock and roll fans be dropped into a strange downtown environment without anywhere to prepare or come down from the show!

The people need a place to go. Think of Boot Sabbath as the community center in an 80's breakdancing movie, but without all the breakdancing, and a lot more Black Sabbath.

Is the Bill Ward contingency still mad about his getting the boot? That petition to get him on this tour amassed a lot of signatures. The online petitions seem to have fallen away and the fury seems to have died down now that the record is out. And with the chances of this being a farewell tour rather high, people are letting the issue go.

However, we at the Freakout still support Mr. Ward and will feature plenty of his most frenzied work. We will certainly not be digitally removing him from any performances.

There's been a lot of Sabbath without Bill Ward you can already point to. Vinny Appice played with Sabbath during the Mob Rules/Live Evil era, and was back for Dehumanizer in 92. Bev Bevan was in and out from about 83-87. Cozy Powell even hit the skins for Sabbath for a brief period in the late '80s. We don't want to say too much, but we can put ELO fans' minds at ease and say that yes, Bev Bevan will be represented in the show.

Will the new album "13" be represented in this video retrospective? It's Sabbath's first Number 1 album after 45 years, but does that just mean people bought it out of loyalty? Do most people you know like it? The new album has had an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone we have talked to. It definitely channels the classic albums, and it's by far the best Ozzy has sounded in ages.

You can expect to hear some stuff from the new album worked in somewhere in the night.

You don't think fans were troubled by the fact that "13" is actually the band's 19th album? It is their 13th album if you're willing to discount six of them.

You've also said that there would be no clips of the band performing "War Pigs." Why is that? Just 'cause it's overplayed. That's more of my own thing.

Seriously, you think "War Pigs" is more played out than "Iron Man?" Yes. Can't we hear some "Rock & Roll Doctor" on the radio every now and then?

Do most Sabbath fans have a jump-the-shark moment they can all agree on? You can separate the casual fans from the diehard fans pretty quickly by bringing up Never Say Die, which was Ozzy's last album with Sabbath before "13". People have some serious venom for this one, especially Ozzy, but people should go back and give it another spin--it sounds different from all the previous albums. It is the sound of a band in crisis.

In fact, the final song on the record, "Swinging the Chain", is sung by Bill Ward and is a pretty nasty send-off to Ozzy from the rest of the band. Despite the rancor this album receives, Sabbath is still using imagery from Never Say Die for promotional materials for this tour. The fighter pilot in all of the advertisements you see around are from the Never Say Die cover.

Also, you would have a hard time finding anyone who would admit to enjoying "No Stranger to Love."

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The Unfathomable Film Freakout's "Boot Sabbath: Live & Rare," is being held Friday, August 30, 2013 (11:59 PM) at FilmBar. Tickets are $8.00; there will be a happy hour at the bar before the show from 5-7 PM.

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