A Black Sabbath Afterparty: FilmBar Hosts "Boot Sabbath: Live & Rare" After Friday's Show

For the true Black Sabbath devotee, there is only one place to be on Friday night. No, not US Airways Center. Sure, a true devotee would probably pay some shekels to see three quarters of the band that created Paranoid, Masters of Reality, and Volume IV in the flesh, sagging though it may be, someone who wants to be in the same auditorium with Ozzy's bellow and Tony Iommi's prosthetic fingertips.

But what about the fans still smarting about Bill Ward's dismissal, or the Sabbath never-say-diehards who didn't like the new album or quite frankly preferred the band when there were more members of Deep Purple in it.

For that special strand of worshipper, the only place to be Friday is at the FilmBar when The Unfathomable Film Freakout hosts "Boot Sabbath: Live & Rare," a collection of Sabbath videos from every Sabbath lineup, lovingly transferred from hard-to-find VHS tapes. For the cost of one energy drink at a stadium show, you can hear and see Sabbath not only with Bill Ward, but with Cozy Powell, Ian Gillian, Ronnie James Dio... even Bev Bevan, the timekeeper of ELO!

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Serene Dominic
Contact: Serene Dominic