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A Day to Remember

What a difference a couple of years and a Billboard chart-topping album can make. In 2008, A Day to Remember was just another bunch of doughy Florida pop-punkers in designer T-shirts harboring dreams of stadium rock stardom. Buoyed by the moderate success of their sophomore album, For Those Who Have Heart, they toured the U.K. and served as the opening act for Canadian post-hardcore rockers Silverstein ("If You Could See Into My Soul"). Then came Homesick, the 2009 long-play that climbed all the way to number one on the U.S. indie rock chart behind such singles as "The Downfall of Us All." It proved to be a transforming moment for ADTR. Now Silverstein is opening for them — on a four-month, bi-continental musical circus called Toursick. Also on the bill is August Burns Red, a Pennsylvania metalcore quintet; British rockers Enter Shakiri; and Go Radio, composed of four emo-riffic dudes from Florida. Success for ADTR had the opposite-than-anticipated effect; it prompted lead guitarist Tom Denney to up and quit the band. Don't feel bad for them. They found a new guitarist. And they still have their super-cool T-shirts.
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Craig Outhier