A Post to Promote Charlie Brand's Solo Show at The Heard Museum (and My Review of Fortress)

As far as I know, my review of Miniature Tigers' new record Fortress is the first professional piece printed on the formerly-of-Phoenix band's sophomore effort.

I would have waited a few weeks to run it, actually, but for the fact that singer Charlie Brand is playing a solo acoustic show at the Heard Museum tomorrow night, and I wanted to promote that.

So, earlier today I posted it to our sweet new Facebook page (become a fan here) with a tag to the band. It was subsequently deleted, which I noted on twitter. Thus sparking this exchange:

Charlie: "go promote yourself somewhere else"
Me: "It's promoting what I think may be the first review of your record! Thought your fans may want to see it?"
Me: "Also, you're welcome for the tagline promoting your show at the Heard Museum, which we don't normally do on record reviews..."
Charlie: "Meh"
Charlie: "I think the only thing you and I are going to agree on is that Beach Boy's Party is an amazing record."

The greatness of Party! is a fact of science, actually. Only an idiot would disagree.

Charlie and I do agree about another thing though: You should go see his show at the Heard Museum. Unlike the fuzzy-with-electronic-gizmos Fortress, you'll hear Charlie loud and clear, at his absolute best.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.