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A Record Store Geek (And Parent) on Exploring The Music Generation Gap

Finally, I get to write about music.

I've been hanging out on the cultural side of the New Times site, Jackalope Ranch, writing a little column called Parent Hood. Not a "how to parent" column, more like a look at pop culture through the eyes of a parent (five kids aged 11 through 30) and a hoodlum (not a criminal, just a rowdier-than-average person).

So what is some unorthodox parenting clown doing Up on the Sun? Actually, this is where I belong. This is where I figured New Times wanted me to be when they said, "How'd ya like to write?"

Why? I've been in the music business in the Valley for a little over 25 years, managing both corporate (Wherehouse) and indie (Zia) record stores for the first 10, and owning an indie record store (Hoodlums) for the past 15.

That fact does not mean you should read on. It's just a quick background check. My qualifications for adopting the moniker "Record Store Geek."

Hopefully, the reason to read is that I'm a lifelong music fan with an opinion . . . and the tendency to stir up shit, er, debate (and you like debate, don't ya?) about all things music.

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