A Sampling Of The Medic Droid's Fan Madness From Across The Internets

The Medic Droid's Hector Bagnod and one of his fans.

You can't spell "fanatic" without "fan."

As I detailed wrote in this week's cover story in the Phoenix New Times, local electro power-pop group The Medic Droid has built a considerable teenaged and twentysomething (not to mention overly-enthusiastic) fanbase across the U.S. and around the world with their catchy and sexy dance beats.

The band (made up of vocalist Chris Donathon, keyboardist/guitarist/programmer Hector Bagnod, and drummer Greg Rudawski) aren't exactly critical darlings. Their first songs and debut EP What's Your Medium? have been raked across the coals by most music critics (with the exception of Alternative Press, which gave the disc somewhat glowing praise). But that doesn't seem to matter to die-hard fans of "The Droid," who have shown their love for Donathon and Bagnod, particularly online.

Some of the tributes are interesting, entertaining, and even a little bit "out there."

It's only natural, considering the fact that the band's rise to fame and fortune has been tied to the Internet, starting with the firestorm of attention they received over their debut song "Fer Sure." Posted on their MySpace site in late 2006, the cheeky dance jam got hundreds of thousands of listens in the weeks and months that followed.

"Fer Sure" continues to be the favorite song for fans of The Medic Droid, and they've made some um, "inspired" tributes to it on YouTube. For instance, a pair of dudes from New York named Karim and Tito made a video for the song, re-enacting some of its lyrics word for word.

In the story, I also reference a somewhat bizarre and badly-animated video for "Fer Sure" starring stick-figure ninjas. Here's a glimpse at said weirdness:

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Many fans of The Medic Droid fans (particularly the females) are enamored with Bagnod and Donathon's cutie-pie scene kid looks, which has led to plenty of Internet gushings about how they're "hotties" and "really cute." Due to their catty/metrosexual vibe -- not to mention a few lyrics about sodomy -- they've also attracted plenty of gay fans, as well as insinuations that they themselves are homosexual. For the record, both Bagnod and Donathan are straight (although Chris has kissed a few boys at shows, but mostly as a joke).

However, this aura of "boy love," coupled with the vivid imagination of some fans, probably led one follower of The Medic Droid to create some slash (a.k.a. guy-on-guy) fan fiction involving Donathon and Bagnod. An anonymous scribe by the nickname "KillerPeanuts" wrote a couple of slash pieces (which you can read here and here) imagining a cutie-pie crew of The Medic Droid, Max Green from Escape the Fate, and Mike Frisby (of local screamo band Bless the Fall) all going out for pizza, with a makeout session between Chris and Max.

Check out a cut-and-pasted excerpt:

I jump and look to my side just to shut my eyes as I get tackled to the ground.
I roll on the ground a little then stop. I open my eyes to see Max sitting on top of me.
His hands clutched my shoulders and he smiled down at me.
God I love his smile.
I stick my tongue out, "Hey cutie."
Max grins, "Long time no see."
I sit up and put my arms around Maxs' waist so he wouldn't fall backwards.
I kiss his lips softly and I feel him stiffen then I pulled away.
His hair hid his face and I smiled asking, "Shall we go get our pizza?"

When I was in the midst of reporting the story, I asked Donathon if he'd ever read this particular fanfic. His response, "No, but our fans do some pretty weird stuff sometimes."

Indeed. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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