A Tale of Two Tents

By Michael Lopez

NOFX is providing me with some music as I write. The lead singer’s candor with the crowd in between songs is actually quite funny. I just laughed at his quick jab towards an over-zealous audience member holding a NOFX poster, as if the band forgot that they were, in fact, NOFX.

We’ve had great backstage access thanks to Carrie Schnepf, who owns this place with her husband Mark, and has been very accommodating in setting us up with a tent and helping us lock down wireless internet to upload our video, pictures and blogs.

Part of being in our location just behind the main stage allows us access to the V.I.P. tent, a tent that’s fully stocked with essential and nonessential items. I must first mention that the V.I.P. tent has various snacks – even Corn Nuts (The Ultimate Crunch) getting snapped up quickly by our gang. If that doesn’t already paint the picture of this very awesome tent, then allow me to divulge further. There are couches everywhere and massage chairs where one can pay $1 per minute for a massage. There is a bar in the center of the tent with plenty to drink, including a Jagermiester machine (I thought we were in Queen Creek, not Scottsdale), a buffet with nicer than expected food and various members of the different bands all hanging out. The air conditioning inside the tent is also very, very much appreciated.

The other tent, closer to the concerts themselves, features more booze for the fans, bottled water and barbeque food that ran out as soon as it was made available. While the vibe in this tent is more energetic and has steller people watching, this second, non-V.I.P. tent lacks one crucial amenity: that’s right, Corn Nuts.

Also, our web guy Jonathan McNamara is up in a helicopter, cruising far above the scene at Edgefest 2008 right now – thanks again to Carrie – so look for a report on that sometime soon.

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