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Abe Vigoda

To put it into perspective, Abe Vigoda the actor was born before the invention of the electric blender, Band-Aids (probably useful for that early electric blender development), and flash-frozen food technology, not to mention the discovery of penicillin. Dude's been around a loooong time. It's impossible to say right now whether Abe Vigoda the band — born in early 2005, before the invention of, uhh, YouTube — will have its namesake's lasting power. We kinda doubt it. But for the moment, anyway, the Los Angeles quartet is one of the more buzzed-about bands in all the land. After starting out as a chaotic, dissonant art-punk outfit aligned with the likes of No Age and Liars, the Vigos began incorporating experimental tropicalia and Afro-pop textures on 2008's Skeleton and last year's Reviver EP, unleashing clanging guitars that sure sound like steel drums. Occasionally, they even sound like Vampire Weekend — if Vampire Weekend had some balls. And at some point recently, Abe Vigoda also discovered they sometimes like melodies, albeit skewed ones. Hell, maybe the real Abe Vigoda would dig this band — he seems like he has a sorta twisted sense of humor at this point. Sadly, he's probably not gonna show up at Trunk Space, but you know who will? Britain's Lovvers, who make a spiky, spirited post-punk racket that's well worth getting there early for.
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Michael Alan Goldberg