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Adult Swim Finds A Temporary Home For Memorial Day Weekend

After a few weeks of searching for a new home, the promoters of Adult Swim have finally found a new location to host their popular hipster pool party this weekend.

And in a huge stroke of irony, it's the Hotel San Carlos, the place where the party first launched back in 2008.

There's a catch, however: It's for one night only as the vintage establishment won't serve as Adult Swim's permanent home. Plus, this special edition of the party will also be taking place on Monday, May 31 (a.k.a. Memorial Day) instead of Sunday.

The pool party has been homeless since earlier this month, when the management of the downtown Phoenix Days Inn gave Adult Swim the boot less than 48 hours after its launch party took place on May 2 due to noise complaints by neighbors and hotel guests.

And frankly, I was surprised it took that long. I happened to be in attendance at the launch party and witnessed both the booming music coming from the DJ booth, as well as several of the complaints taking place. "This doesn't look good," I thought.

Boy, was I right.

Co-promoter Jen Deveroux has told me she's been searching high and low for a new location for the party, but the results haven't been all that promising. The Wyndham Hotel for instance, which hosted Adult Swim last summer, is a bit too ritzy.

She and co-promoters Jared Alan and William Fucking Reed have apparently settled on the San Carlos, albeit for one weekend only. While I've been unable to speak with Deveroux to confirm, I suspect that the hotel's capacity restrictions with its pool area are the reason its not the permanent home. After all said regulations are why the San Carlos booted both Adult Swim and Psyko Steve's indie rock-oritented Star Swim back in 2008.

Regardless, it promises to be an affair to remember. All the usual suspects are scheduled to be on the mixers, including Sean Watson, Tricky T, Casper, Pablo Gomez, Don Ricardo, and the aforementioned Alan and Reed. Expect to hear plenty of indie rock remixes, electro-house, dubstep, fidget and other EDM genres. A full bar and pool toys will also be available.

Doors open at noon, but it will definitely behoove you to show up early, as only 80 people can be in the pool area at one time. Admission is $5.

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