Adult Swim, First Friday, Summer of Sound, Liberty Market's Toilets, and Bob Dylan Over the Weekend

Adult Swim: William Reed's Birthday Pool-Side at the Wyndham Local DJ William Reed turned 32 this weekend and he did it with style. Sure, there was a cake, but there was also wicked DJ sessions, plenty of hot bods and pool-side dancing. Happy Birthday to you...see photos

First Friday: August 2009 The late-summer temps were much cooler than normal during this weekend's First Friday in downtown Phoenix, as was all the artistic and musicial action that took place during the latest edition of the monthly art walk. Some of the highlights included costumed kooks, Burner bunny cars, painted flesh, and ooky art, and other outrageousness...see photos

Summer of Sound: Hip Hop Show at Fat Tuesday Not to toot our own horn too much, but the Summer of Sound Hip Hop show was slick on Saturday, August 8, 2009. B-Boys spun on their heads, DJs spun their musical magic and local acts like Bear the Astronot, Golden Tung, and Souls of Mischief brought the house down...see photos

Liberty Market's Bathrooms In Photos We're guessing that unless your bathroom has appeared in Dwell magazine, you've never seen a potty like the five waiting for you in Liberty Market. Each one features its own music and atmosphere perfect for...well, you know...full story

Also: Bob Dylan Cancels Phoenix Concert Due To "Excessive Heat"

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Jonathan McNamara