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Although the band shields it with an expanse of black eye makeup and gothic imagery, the argument that AFI has become a pop band is rather irrefutable. With a new album, Decemberunderground, that has elevated the Los Angeles foursome to MTV stars, and more than a decade of touring under their skinny, studded belts, AFI has become a powerhouse group with an almost unparalleled live show. Drawing on a combination of new hits and older favorites from its extensive discography, expect the former punk band to reveal its range while singer Davey Havok thrashes and charges around the stage. No matter how skilled and energized AFI's younger contemporaries may seem, you may just conclude that there really is no denying that experience does matter after seeing the band tear up the stage live. And if the music is not incentive enough, Havok and crew wear some exceptionally tight pants that leave little to the imagination . . .
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Emily Zemler