Afrika Bambaataa Visits Bar Smith's Pinky Ring on April 22

Bar Smith's Wednesday night electro/hip-hop affair Pinky Ring has offered some choice guests over its six months of existence (including local legend Z-Trip and NYC/ATL funkmeister Treasure Fingers). And now its organizers are about to add top themselves with their latest coup: Afrika Bambaataa.

The Bronx-born hip-hop pioneer (who's considered by many to be the "Father of The Electro Funk Sound") will be the guest of honor when his visits on Bar Smith, 130 East Washington Street, on Wednesday, April 22. Pinky Ring's Benjamin Cutswell is pretty stoked to be spinning alongside Bambaataa.

"I always wanted to do a show with him," Cutswell says. "And since he's gonna be in California around that time we got him to come by to spin with us. His song 'Planet Rock' from the 80s is both a classic hip-hop song and a big electro song that helped develop the electro genre."

In addition to Cutswell, the line-up includes residents D-JR, Death to the Throne, Tricky T, Senbad, and Diesel. The turntable action starts at 9 p.m. with a $10 cover. Visit www.myspace.com/thepinkyring.

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