After Texts from Bennett, Mac Lethal Keeps Rapping Forward

Mac Lethal is very, very excitable. The Kansas City, MO rapper, label owner, and former Rhymesayers artist has good reason to be, however -- he's still in the wondrous honeymoon stage of fatherhood with his six-month-old son, he's recently authored his first book, and he's one of the Midwest's most verbose rappers in recent memory. His energy, even over the phone, becomes infectious as he launches into articulated backstories that defend his rationale for his already storied career. The problem with Mac Lethal is that you probably don't know his name -- however, you sure as hell know his Tumblr, "Texts from Bennett," and his Youtube videos.

He's the man behind the wildly popular breakfast-themed spoof of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now," racking up some 30 million views, among other Youtube hits, and the mastermind behind the unintentionally brilliant Texts From Bennett Tumblr, themed around text conversations between Mac Lethal and his gangster white boy cousin. These interactions helped set the stage for an eponymous book, set to a linear narrative at Mac's urging. While the end result is something that's far from what the typical convention of a rapper's authoring attempt might be, and is rather a heartfelt and humorous take on Mac's relationship with Bennett, it came at a cost to Mac Lethal. "

"It felt like a piece of me died when I finished it, when I no longer had to spend 16 hours a day working on it," he says. " I've read that book from beginning to end like 30 times. I woke up one day, and it's done, and I like got depressed for a while because I was like 'What do I do now?'"

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K.C. Libman
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