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Agent Sparks

Although you may go to the Clubhouse Music Venue for Hoobastank's catchy radio rock, you'll want to arrive early for Agent Sparks' sweet, eclectic melodies and dynamic live performance. The Los Angeles band, whose debut Red Rover was released earlier this year, combines complex keyboard and guitar layers with dueling boy-girl vocals to create an enchanting soundscape. Singer and keyboardist Stephanie Eitel is the highlight of both the album and the live show, with a dulcet, powerful voice and frenetic execution of her climbing and falling keyboard parts onstage. The sweet and occasionally creeping "Polly Anne" is a crowd favorite, as Eitel combines her voice with co-singer Ben Einziger (who is the brother of Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger) to raise the song to a vibrant climax. The majority of the crowd is probably hoping for a heart-pounding rendition of "The Reason" from Hoobastank, but those who arrive early enough will find at least eight more songs to make their hearts beat fast.
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Emily Zemler